Probably the best russian buy-service

When you are looking for buy something in Russia you can find that people who live out of Russia cant make shopping easy. There are many great sites with books, souvenirs and gifts , jewelry, cards, watches and ect - but you cant use your credit card or other ways to buy what you want. There are many online stores for people who live out of Russia and want send flowers or presents but they ask to much price for them products. Who want pay 200% mark-up for reall price of products? Thats why we made or you a special buy-service .

If you are looking to buy anything for you (who live out of Russia) or your freinds ( who live in Russia) - you found right place

Do you want buy something for BEST AND CHEAP PRICE? We can help you in this. Order products with Our service mean:

* Best price

* Honest and fast service

* Buy exectly what you want

* Dont spend time for search

* Buy exclusive items

Why we

- We offer only honest service ( make scan of all checks)

- We are professional and caring company

- We give great Result

- We work very fast. Tell us what do you want to have and soon it will be in your hands!

- We ask the smallest margin

- We help you find a product which you need for best price

- We take pictures of merchandise upon receiving and e-mailing the pictures for your verification before International shipping (on your request).

- We highly friendly service

Contact us today and you wont be disappointed!

Who we can help

Our service can be perfect if:

- you want send present for Russian friends ( flowers, candies, toys and ect)

- you want buy something from Russia (books, cars, souvenirs, logo clothing and ect)

- you have a little business and want build delivery items from Russia

- you want make an expensive present from famous store for your partners or friends who live here (Prada, Dior or other brands)

- you looking for tickets in theater or other event.

- you want anything from Russia.

What is our prices

As a good service we dont ask you to pay lots. We take a commission of 10% but not less than 300 rubles.

How does it work:

- You are going buy flowers for 4000 rubles. You find site where you can do it (or ask us and we do for you). WE take a commission only for goods not for delivery. Price for flowers become 4400 rubles. In online stores of Google uk or Google usa same flowers cost 8000 rubles.

- You are going buy flowers (5000rubles) candies (100 rubles) and toy (100 rubles) in same store. WE take commission 10% ( =520 rubles) from full buy. But if you are going buy flowers , candies and toys in different online stores, comission will be look like - 10% + 400 rubles ( minimal comission) + 400 rubles ( minimal comission).

- If your buy in one same store cost more 50000 rubles we take only 5% commission



For our shipping we use avia post. Here you can see prices - prices
We give you a special number for control shipping online. We can make online calculation of the cost of shipping for you.

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